Rising STARS Academy (RSA)
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Rising STARS Academy (RSA) is a leadership program for rising 9th and 10th grade female-identifying students.The RSA program uses a sports-based model to teach the values of leadership, service-learning, fitness and wellness.

Students will experience sports in a safe space to catapult their confidence and leadership skills, allowing them to be stakeholders in their identities as well as their communities.


Health & Fitness


Self Branding

RSA Offers:

  • Leadership,confidence & self-branding: Workshops focusing on public-speaking, goal-setting, project management and self-branding
  • Health & Fitness: Interactive sports & fitness sessions, and healthy living & nutrition workshops
  • Service-learning: Resolve a common issue within a community by brainstorming a solution and presenting findings to a leading panel


  • Exciting trips to sports venues
  • Earn community service hours to write on college applications
  • Exposure to sports and physical activity for overall health & wealthness