Super STARS Leadership Academy (SSLA)

Super STARS Leadership Academy (SSLA) is a high-impact leadership development program for females ages 14-18 who attend Title 1 public high schools in NYC.

These young women prepare for college and the workforce through a structured, girl-centered approach focused on three key areas:

Health & Wellness

College Access/Career Readiness

Life Skills Development

Just a few of the many SSLA

  • A Resume
  • A College Essay
  • An Academic Plan


  • The College and Career Mentoring Program allows 20 of our SSLA alumni to be mentored by a professional at Macquarie Group or Oliver Wyman over a ten-month period. The mentors meet with participants and help ensure the young women are on track towards college success and career readiness.
  • The Peer Mentor Program allows 30 of our SSLA alumni to serve as assistant coaches for the younger girls in our STARS Series After-School Program. Our youth coaches facilitate discussion and sports activities alongside our adult coaches.
  • The Youth Leadership Council allows 15 of our SSLA alumni to research and develop policy recommendations for New York City administration officials.
  • The College Tours Series allows SSLA participants and alumni to visit 5-7 different local and regional colleges and learn about the schools themselves, explore intramural and competitive sports and scholarship opportunities.

Find out why
Powerplay Rocks!

PowerPlay showed me what I'm going to face in the future and taught me how to handle it with things like resume writing, networking and interviewing skills.
Sports were part of my family's life, but I didn't play because I didn't know how. PowerPlay taught me how to play. Now, I can't even pick a favorite sport because I like to play them all.
PowerPlay gave us the chance to meet professional women who overcame gender and racial norms.
Thank you so much for inspiring other young girls and me to feel important, motivated and amazing.
I liked that we were able to feel motivated and come together as a group of girls to share our experiences and feel inspired by others.
My dream is to continue running, stay on track to go to college and then have a career in film so someday I can make a movie that will premiere here in New York City. Thank you for helping girls just like me.